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laba race team

LABA Cycling Team

LABA is a development pipeline for cyclists to explore, practice, and advance in the sport.  Our team is comprised of juniors, U23 men, and women who are passionate about riding and committed to developing their skill sets with aspirations of racing professionally. We participate in road,track and criterium racing. Our mission is to bridge the gap in underserved communities by providing access and opportunities for cyclists.


Bicycle Safety and Education Program and School Partnerships

Los Angeles Bicycle Academy’s Bicycle Education and Safety program is a comprehensive curriculum
designed to teach students to travel safely on a bicycle. Our curriculum recognizes that
classes will often be composed of students with varying skill levels. Through a combination of in-class
instruction, skill-based activities, and on-the-bicycle training, students will learn the parts of the
bicycle, proper helmet and bicycle fitting, traffic rules and regulations, potential hazards when
operating a bicycle, and handling skills needed to effectively, appropriately, and safely cycle
throughout their community and beyond.

LABA Earn-A-Bike Program

This is a fun, experiential earn-and-learn program that introduces youth ages 8-18 to bicycle safety education, bicycle mechanics and maintenance, as well as life lessons!

Program Objectives:

  • Learn the ABCs (Air, Brake, Chain/Crankset) quick check, and how to maintain and upkeep their own bicycle.

  • Participants will develop the necessary technical skills to strip and rebuild a bicycle through a hands-on and step-by-step curriculum.

  • Safe riding instruction to create empowered and self-sufficient young cyclists.

  • Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive the bicycle they built, helmet, lock, and tool kit!

By participating in the Earn-A-Bike program, students:

  • Develop mechanical and technical aptitude and skill set

  • Learn the value of participation, teamwork, punctuality, dependability, self-sufficiency, equity, and more!

  • Utilize and work on peer-to-peer education and teaching while working on problems together

  • Develop a sense of pride and individual responsibility

  • Develop valuable time management skills

  • Promote repurposing and recycling

  • Engage in a healthy lifestyle

LABA Community Rides

Explore Your Community By Bike!

We LOVE riding our bikes as much as you do! Cycling is more than just a sport; it's a community! We organize regular rides, bringing together the community to share the joy of cycling. These rides promote camaraderie, mental wellness, physical activity, & more. Join Us!